Introduction to the Office of the Treasurer

The Treasurer's Office was established in 1994 and in line with its need to manage matters related to finance and accounting. The Treasurer's Office is responsible for financial management and providing services to internal and external clients of the College.


The Treasurer's Office is one of the main divisions that responsible for managing financial resources, loans and procurement of Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka to achieve the following objective.

1. Account Unit

  • Prepare the Annual Operating Budget and obtain the approval of the Board of Directors and the State Executive Council. The distribution of the annual allocation will be notified to each Unit/Department before or in the first week of each year.
  • Submit the final Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December of each year to the Auditors and present the Financial Statements at the Annual General Meeting.

2. Loan and Scholarship Unit

  • Provide information and clarification on any concerns related to loans/scholarships.
  • Manage student loan/scholarship applications and payments according to the schedule set by the sponsor.

3. Procurement Unit

  • Issuing Unit/ Department Orders for procurement applications either through Tender/ Official Quotation/ Direct Purchase within 7 working days from the date of procurement approval and complete application.

4. Revenue Unit

Provide the best counter service, efficient and the ability to provide clear, accurate and adequate information to customers.

All official suggestions and complaints received will be responded and action will be taken within 7 days from the date the proposal and complaint is received to ensure that the Treasurer's Office can implement this objective efficiently and effectively. We request that all customers:

  • Understand all customer rights in this objective

  • Comply with all relevant laws, instructions, regulations and guidelines
  • Use the facilities provided responsibly

List of Forms

  • Payment Rebate Form
  • Financial Guarantee Form
  • Loan / Sponsorship Confirmation Letter Application Form
  • Company Registration Form

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