Mohd Ghazali Abdul Rahman, Wan Norhayati Wan Othman


The purpose of this study was aimed to determine the factors that affect workplace injuries among 73 Workshop Division Malaysian Army. Beside that the purpose of this study is to identify the level of workplace injuries at 73 workshop Division Malaysian Army. This study was carried out on the mechanics at 73 Workshop, Kem Terendak about of 240 person. The independent variables in this study consists of three variables, namely Psychological Distress, Family-work conflict and Work Motivation. The dependent variable is injuries in the workplace. Research design in this study used method survey by distributing a questionnaire consists of 4 sections. The questionnaire used is the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) which contains 6 items to measure Psychological Distress. Family-work conflict measure by using Family-Work Conflict Scale consist 4 item. While the measure of work motivation, Work Motivation Survey instrument that consists of 5 items have been used. To measure injuries in the workplace, workplace injuries scale consist three items were used. Multiple regression analysis was performed by using SPSS software. The findings revealed that all the independent variables are correlated positively and significantly, but only one independent variable affecting workplace injury that is Psychological Distress [F (3,236) = 57.84, p<0.001, accounted for 41.4% of variance (R2 .414), (?=.588, p<.001). As a conclusion, management of the unit need to ensure that the programme or seminar of to reduce stress is continuously running. So that, psychological condition among workshopmen always in highly well-being.

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