Amey Rozalina Azeman, Hartini Adenan, azman ripin


Hospital food plays an important role in patient recovery and well-being. Nowadays, most patients who come to hospital have exposure and knowledge of foodservice through various sources. Foodservice quality can also influence patients’ satisfaction with their overall hospital experience. Patient satisfaction with foodservice must be evaluated in order to provide a high quality service that is able to meet consumers’ needs. Based on a number of recent studies, patient’s at private’s hospital believe they have high knowledge of hospital practice especially about the menus served,food ingredients  and delivery system to them.

This study was conducted to assess patient’s satisfaction in the relationship between certification of menus served, food ingredients used and the delivery system applied in their food service department.  Therefore, the study aims to see the patient’s satisfaction at private hospital foodservice around the state of Melaka whether it affects or does not to the patient toward menus, food ingredients and delivery system at the private hospital.  The researchers found that the menus served to the patients are interrelated with the problem of malnutrition if the foods served didn’t meet their expectation. Meanwhile, most of previous research agreed that the used of fresh, organic and high quality ingredient may increase the acceptability and reducing the plate waste. In addition, there is a commercial method that applied by most private hospital called room service as this method aimed to reduce food wastage since the patients are permissible to choose their own menu. This study is expected to help especially the private hospital foodservice around the state of Melaka to better and orderly implement the patient’s satisfaction in the private hospital foodservice.


Hospital food service, Menus, Food Ingredients, Delivery System, Patient’s

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